Welcome to Term 4

P1060614 P1060615 P1060618 P1060619 P1060620 P1060621 P1060599P1060600P1060601P1060602P1060603P1060604P1060605P1060606P1060607P1060608P1060609P1060622Welcome to term 4

Room 5 started the term with an adventurous camp to Mount Taranaki. We stayed at camp Mangatapopo whilst enjoying exploring the area and learning lots about its history through our old school Principal Mr Paul.

Our wearable arts took a lot of time and energy as we took a lot of time and energy as we engaged in a rather ambitious project- Mask made from recycled paper pulp. This was our inquiry focus in term 3 so it was nice to use some of the knowledge of paper to produce our gigantic masks of Alice in Wonderland.

At the moment we are researching the Whanganui Awa. The students have been writing about it, painting about it and possibly on the weekend… fishing in it.

Here are some files of the student work showing our writing about our trip to the art gallery and our fantastic Battle of the mountains and Mangatapopo adventures.

Thank you

Mrs Brennan

Art gallery and Kowhai Park

Art Gallery.By Rebecca

Art Gallery

CLAY. by Leo

My haert skips a beat by Keyera

Room 5 and 6 camp by Kaytlin

The Battle of the Mountains.By Haka

The Battle of the mountains

The legend of the warrior By Izaeya

The Queen of Hearts by Aquila-Marie

The Worrier Mountain

Tutae poro poro.By Byron

Tutaeporoporo. By Don-Toni

Warrior Mountain By Mady Jackson



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