Te Mana Learning Programme


Te Mana   (taking responsibility for our education)

Will begin in Term 2 for 2018


Te Mana is a Whanganui East school based initiative designed to support Maori boys and girls in Literacy and Numeracy.

The programme has been implemented to support   Ka Hikitia Managing for Success  – Maori Education Strategy 2008- 2012.


“ Maori enjoying education success for Maori”

The aims of Te Mana are

  • Establishing a basis for successful learning.
  • Strengthen home school literacy/numeracy partnerships
  • Focus schooling improvement on literacy/numeracy achievement.
  • Develop learning as a fun activity.


  • Raise achievement of Maori students to national norms
  • Provide support programmes for whanau, information and tools they need to contribute to their child’s learning.
  • Raise profile of learning is fun and a sense of achievement in daily classroom work.


The programme started in Term 3 2009 and was lead by Eleanore Barry and Robin Paul from Wanganui East School. From the collection and analysis of data across literacy, the need was identified to provide greater support for Maori students to engage in literacy learning.

This initiative was a whanau concept whereby the family was brought on board to support the learning package.

Programme Outline

Te Mana is an after school programme from 3-4pm every Wednesday afternoon.

Beth Ditchfield, a target learning support staff member prepares literacy and numeracy learning packs for students to take home along with selected readers for students to read.

At each, after school session students spend time familiarising themselves with the learning packs under the guidance of staff. Time is also spent reading to each other from the selected material to reinforce leisure reading.


Whanau Engagement.

An integral part of the Te Mana programme is the support with family in engaging with the learning packs. These learning games are played at home to reinforce literacy and numeracy learning. The intention is to make learning fun and enjoyable.

A result of taking the learning packs home has been the siblings at home participating in the activities as a whole family with mum and dad.

Parents have commented on the positive attitude their children have to learning and the progress they can see being made.

At the end of 2012, Te Mana has an official graduation of students involved. This special time is attended by all whanau and we acknowledged the time, effort and progress the students had made.

2012:  The programme has 24 students regularly attending every Tuesday afternoon.  The learning packs are now being targeted to specific learning needs of the students.

2013:  To have learnining packs available for pre-school children in consultation with PORSE, Plunket,  local Kindergartens and Daycare centres.  The packs will have activities that meet age developmental needs and prepare our young ones with the skills needed to start school,.

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