He Kura Asthma Study

Community Engagement Update Guidelines

This year our school is taking part in the He Kura Asthma Study with the University of Otago and Te Atawhai o Te Ao. The study aims to provide guidelines and resources to help us to improve support for our students with asthma. Asthma is a big problem in New Zealand with one in five children having asthma symptoms. The ways in which schools support a child with asthma can have a significant impact on their asthma control and learning. Our staff have received asthma training from Te Atawhai o Te Ao and our school now has asthma emergency kits. Other parts of the study include student asthma education, an environmental assessment and linkages with healthcare providers. There will be regular information about asthma in our newsletters or Facebook/app this year. The researchers are interested in your ideas about this project so please feel free to contact the research team on 0800 755 414 or wtr@otago.ac.nz.


Communication and Asthma Plans

This term we are trying to find out who has asthma or asthma symptoms in our school in order to provide better support for these children.

You should have received a green form to update your child’s medical information.

As asthma can be difficult to recognise, this form includes some questions about your child’s breathing as well as asthma. It is important this form is completed for all students, not just those with asthma. If you need a new form, please collect one from the office or you are welcome to phone the office and we will send one home with your child.

If your child has asthma, it is a good idea to talk to their teacher about their triggers, symptoms and medicine. If you do not already have one, ask your child’s Doctor or health professional for an asthma plan for your child. An asthma plan shows what asthma medicine someone needs to take and when they should take it. Keep a copy of your child’s asthma plan everywhere they visit regularly and give a copy to the school office. For more information about asthma plans visit www.pamp.co.nz.



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