Circle Time

A Time For Sharing


At Whanganui East school Circle Time is an opportunity for the students to talk about how they are feeling. It encourages children to share a problem they may have and are unsure of how to solve it. As a class we can come up with strategies that may help us. During one of our Circle Times Whaea Jordy brought in two apples one called Andy and one called Andrew. They both looked juicy and delicious enough to eat. During circle time we passed around Andy and said mean things to this apple, such as “You don’t look like a nice apple” and “I would never eat an apple like you”. We then passed around Andrew and said lots of nice things like “What a lovely red apple” and “You look so delicious I could eat you right now”. At the end we examined the apples and on the outside they still looked the same and very delicious to eat. Whaea Jordy then cut the apples in half and Andy was all brown and bruised inside, he looked really hurt whereas Andrew was still firm and white he looked fine inside.


Kailahi Blake “They look the same on the outside, but on the inside Andy looked hurt and Andrew looked fine”.

Chloe Kelly “If we say mean things to people they look the same on the outside but they are hurting on the inside”.

Caprice Mathews “We need to say nice things to people so they feel good inside”


Circle time has really help students at Whanganui East School to open up and share how they are feeling..


Haven Cotter “I like circle time because I get to share about things that I don’t like and things that make me happy”.

Jarvae TePatu Miller “Circle time is one of my favourite things to do because I can help my friends when they are sad”.


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