Term 3  2019:


Week 3:

Monday 5th August          Learning Conversations

Tuesday 6th August          Learning Conversations

School will close at the normal time of 2.50pm on Monday and Tuesday


Week 4:

Friday 16th August            Assembly Room 8


Week 5:

Tuesday 20th August       Interschool Football

Board of Trustees Meeting


Week 6:

Wednesday 28th Aug       School X Country

Friday 30th August            Assembly Room 2

Daffodil Day


Week 8:

Friday 13th September   Assembly Room 10


Week 9:

Tuesday 17th Sept            Interschool Cross   Country


Week 10:

Tuesday 24th Sept            Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday 26th Sept          Open afternoon

Friday 27th Sep                  Assembly Achieve Leaders

Neighbourhood Watch Assembly





School Swimming Sports – Thursday 28th February

Little Achievers begins Friday 8th March 2019 at 9.15am



Learning Conversations:  Term 1 2018

Early Closing on Tuesday 20th March at 1pm for Learning Conversations which will run from 1.30pm -6pm and on Thursday 22nd from 3.15pm to 6pm.


Interschool Swimming is on Wednesday the 28th of March.  If your child has been selected to represent our school in this competition they will receive a permission form for you to fill out and return to school by the due date on that permission form




Wednesday 21st March – School Closes at 2pm.

It’s time, Kua Tae Te Wᾱ

NZEI’s latest campaign will address the issues that teachers are currently facing.

2018 is the year that the message will be loud and clear. It’s time. Time to lead, teach and learn.

This means freeing teachers to teach so every child receives the personal attention they need to learn and thrive. It means freeing principals to focus on leading and it means ensuring we have enough teachers by attracting more people to teaching, by respecting them as professionals and paying them properly.

Wednesday the 21st of March is our NZEI meeting where will  sit alongside other educators from our area and make decisions regarding what we think will benefit every child.

Thankyou for you support.


Swimming sports 2018

On Thursday the 1st of March, we will be holding our Whole School Swimming Sports. We will be running it in 2 stages with a lunch break in the middle.

12 – 1pm  

  • Senior students: 8 year old’s and above will be doing their competitive length races in the large pool
  • Junior / Middle School: 5 – 7 year old’s will be doing their races in the small pool.

1 – 1.45 lunch break at school

1.45 – 2pm  Meet back in the classes for the roll and move back the pools at  2pm.


2 pm

  • Senior students novelty races
  • Junior / Middle School class will remain back at school after lunch

Parents and family members are welcome to come along and support your child during their events.  You are welcome to bring along your lunch and to have it with us at school and rejoin the senior students back at the pools at 2pm for their novelty races.

Any questions please contact your childs’ classroom teacher for any further information.

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