Little Achievers

Due to Covid 19 Level 2:  Little Achieves is temporarily postponed, we will advise when we are able to resume the programme.

All children who are starting school will be contacted to have transition visits and we will work with parents to discuss individual  needs.

Our Little Achievers programme was initiated to meet the request of the school community.

This initiative is for 4 1/2  to 5 year olds ready to transition into school.

The programme runs every Monday in the Staffroom from 9.45am to 10.15. 

Mrs Barry, Mrs Ditchfield and Mrs Ray work with the children to build on early Literacy and Numeracy skills through hands on learning.

The children have the opportunity to visit the NE room  2x a term and once a term visit the library.  When the children start school they have developed friendships with other children who are starting school around the same time.

When the children start school the information about their strengths and next step learning is passed onto the classroom teacher who then plans programmes to meet their needs from day 1.  The children will have developed a relationship with Mrs Barry and the classroom teacher before starting school and the transition into school is less stressful.

As a school we have tracked all children who have been through Little Achievers and the data is clearly evident that the children have a flying start to their schooling experience and 98% of students who have attended Little Achievers is AT or ABOVE as they move through school.

If you are interested in your child attending,  please contact the office.





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