Welcome to 2023

Welcome back to 2023, the year has started well and the children have settled very quickly back into school mode.

We welcome all our new Whānau to our Whanganui East School Community.

It has been great that we are able to offer all our children their stationery at no cost, being part of the School Donations Scheme means that we will not be asking parents for the cost of curriculum-related expenses.

Swimming has started well and this year our focus is on Water Safety skills.  Swimming is part of the Curriculum and all children are expected to swim every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.   Please ensure uniforms and towels are named to avoid confusion.


Whanganui East School Learner’s Profile

The Learner’s profile is a way in which the community and the school can have a shared understanding of what a future-oriented learner looks like.

It is essential that as a school we make explicit what we stand for and give direction for our actions.

The Learner’s Profile  describes the skills, knowledge and attitudes that our students will need to develop while at Whanganui East School, in order to participate in a range of life contexts beyond the school.

Whanganui East School learner profile

School Booklet

2016 School Booklet


Uniform Price List




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