A visit from Harold

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He Kura Asthma Study

Community Engagement Update Guidelines

This year our school is taking part in the He Kura Asthma Study with the University of Otago and Te Atawhai o Te Ao. The study aims to provide guidelines and resources to help us to improve support for our students with asthma. Asthma is a big problem in New Zealand with one in five children having asthma symptoms. The ways in which schools support a child with asthma can have a significant impact on their asthma control and learning. Our staff have received asthma training from Te Atawhai o Te Ao and our school now has asthma emergency kits. Other parts of the study include student asthma education, an environmental assessment and linkages with healthcare providers. There will be regular information about asthma in our newsletters or Facebook/app this year. The researchers are interested in your ideas about this project so please feel free to contact the research team on 0800 755 414 or wtr@otago.ac.nz.


Communication and Asthma Plans

This term we are trying to find out who has asthma or asthma symptoms in our school in order to provide better support for these children.

You should have received a green form to update your child’s medical information.

As asthma can be difficult to recognise, this form includes some questions about your child’s breathing as well as asthma. It is important this form is completed for all students, not just those with asthma. If you need a new form, please collect one from the office or you are welcome to phone the office and we will send one home with your child.

If your child has asthma, it is a good idea to talk to their teacher about their triggers, symptoms and medicine. If you do not already have one, ask your child’s Doctor or health professional for an asthma plan for your child. An asthma plan shows what asthma medicine someone needs to take and when they should take it. Keep a copy of your child’s asthma plan everywhere they visit regularly and give a copy to the school office. For more information about asthma plans visit www.pamp.co.nz.



Last week Matua John Maihe came along and blessed a carving that was entrusted to the school. The carving was crafted by Mr Hubbard, it is now hanging in the foyer and has a historic connection to Whanganui East School. Norman Hubbard and his whanau attended Whanganui East School in the 1930’s. Mr Hubbard had a passion for hunting, carving and restoration. He was dedicated to the conservation of many historic buildings and was awarded an MBE in 1981 for his work. Mr Hubbards whanau were at the blessing and we want to thank them for letting us be the guardians over the carving.



Matariki Week

This year ended our Matariki Week celebrations with an Idenitity Day.  Across the week the children have been learning about the importance of Matariki (Maori New Year).  Our Kapa Haka group performed to the school, the children took part in a Pukana competition.  The children also dressed up on Friday to share with others what makes them the special person they are.


20170616_142231_2Mr Rennie shared his Scottish connection

20170616_144100_20 Whaea May shared her Samoan heritage

20170616_144514 Whaea Jordy shared her passion of Waka Ama and her background living in Taihape growing up


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Pink Shirt Day

Every year as a school we support New Zealand Anti Bullying Week.  This is a special week where children learn what bullying is, the different types of bullying and the impact of bullying.  We end the week with Pink Shirt Day which is Nationwide.   Lots of fun and games.


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Chinese Visitors

Today we welcomed to Whanganui East School Jason, Alice, Arthur, Cindy, Anne, Mary, Davis and Jacky with a special Powhiri. The Chinese students from Xuzhou are staying with us until Friday next week. The students from China will be in Rooms 7, 8 and 15.

We hope you have a great time at our school. We look forward to learning about your schooling experience and your culture.


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Circle Time

A Time For Sharing


At Whanganui East school Circle Time is an opportunity for the students to talk about how they are feeling. It encourages children to share a problem they may have and are unsure of how to solve it. As a class we can come up with strategies that may help us. During one of our Circle Times Whaea Jordy brought in two apples one called Andy and one called Andrew. They both looked juicy and delicious enough to eat. During circle time we passed around Andy and said mean things to this apple, such as “You don’t look like a nice apple” and “I would never eat an apple like you”. We then passed around Andrew and said lots of nice things like “What a lovely red apple” and “You look so delicious I could eat you right now”. At the end we examined the apples and on the outside they still looked the same and very delicious to eat. Whaea Jordy then cut the apples in half and Andy was all brown and bruised inside, he looked really hurt whereas Andrew was still firm and white he looked fine inside.


Kailahi Blake “They look the same on the outside, but on the inside Andy looked hurt and Andrew looked fine”.

Chloe Kelly “If we say mean things to people they look the same on the outside but they are hurting on the inside”.

Caprice Mathews “We need to say nice things to people so they feel good inside”


Circle time has really help students at Whanganui East School to open up and share how they are feeling..


Haven Cotter “I like circle time because I get to share about things that I don’t like and things that make me happy”.

Jarvae TePatu Miller “Circle time is one of my favourite things to do because I can help my friends when they are sad”.


Discovery Learning

Drop into Whanganui East School on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoon and you will find students engaged in Discovery Learning.  Students are busy drawing, designing, building, weaving and sharing ideas as they learn about the amazing New Zealand bush. Principal, Mrs Barry, explains, “The thinking behind Discovery Learning is to allow teachers to teach to their passion which is focussed on a particular area of the curriculum with a theme to connect the learning too.  The focus is for students to learn a wide range of Inquiry skills while being engaged in all areas of the curriculum covering science, technology, maths, art, health, social studies, te reo and literacy”.


For the next seven weeks students will experience different perspectives about the bush as they rotate classes.  Students work with Mr Tim Waite to understand the impact we have on our environment.  Mr Drew Rennie challenges students to design a trap that can be used in the bush to catch unwanted pests. “It was cool building a model pest trap,” says Year 5 student, Chanelle Reeve, “The toothpick is the trigger and I can see how the possum would get trapped inside.”  Students learn about colour and depth as they create designs based on flora and fauna with Mrs Lysha Brennan.  How birds have evolved to live in the New Zealand bush is investigated with Mrs Susan Walker.  Whaea Jordy introduces the children to healthy food and medicinal plants which can be sourced from the bush.  Whaea May adds Te Reo Māori while looking at mahi raranga (weaving) and traditional Māori use of bush resources.  The students’ curiosity is sparked and they pursue individual areas of research in their own classrooms.  Whanganui East School will round off their Discovery Learning with a school trip to Bushy Park.


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Mud Run

Whanganui East School celebrated the end summer with a bang just before our Easter break with the school’s first Mud Run. Due to our swimming season being cut short by two weeks, leaving us unable to hold our annual school Swimming Sports and whole school Triathlon we didn’t want our children to miss out on ending summer with a splash. With the support of the Whanganui Fire Brigade the children participated in our very first Mud Run.

The children had an obstacle course where they had to go over, through and under various obstacles, do a sponge run all while being hosed down by parents, teachers and our local fire fighters. The sun shined making it a fabulous afternoon with ninety percent of the school participating and many parents attending to watch the fun. Plans are already underway for our next Mud Run, bring on the fun!

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St. Johns Green Day

A big thankyou to all our whanau for supporting St. Johns Green Day. It was a great parade this morning and was lovely to see the children all dressed in green and certainly Whacky!. As a school we raised $103.40.




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