Te Puna Ako Ki Totara Puku – Whanganui East Community Early Learning Centre

We are really lucky to have onsite Te Puna Ako.  It is exciting that we celebrated with them,  their 1st birthday this year.  The Kindergarten offers 20 free hours for all, have 100% Qualified teachers and cater for infants to 6 year olds.  Their hours are 8am until 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.  If you would like to know more phone 88 55 860 or pop in for a visit.

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2019 Literacy Quiz Team


Education Life Caravan – Yearly visit

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Anti Bullying Week 2019

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2019 Parent Hui

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2019 Librarians


2019 Peer Mediators


2019 Achieve Leaders


Welcome back to 2019

Welcome back to 2019 to returning families and new whanau.  This year has started off with the Education Life Caravan visiting and Harold made an appearance at our first assembly.

The children are swimming Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and we follow the New Zealand Swim Safe programme.  Parents are welcome to come along and be part of the programme.

Swimming Times for 2019:

Rooms 1,2,7, 8 9.50am to 11am
Rooms 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 11.45am to 1pm

We do encourage all children to have water at school to ensure they are well hydrated across the school day.  Children and staff are expected to wear a sun hat while outside and these can be purchased through the office.

Staffing for 2019:


Classes for 2019:

Room 1:               Mrs Ray                                Year 2 & 3

Room 2:               Mr Rennie                            Year 2 & 3

Room 3:              Ms Keyes/Mrs Ramage    New Entrant

Room 4:               Mrs Watt/Mrs Dunford    Year 1

Room 5:               Miss Geard                           Year 2 & 3

Room 7:               Miss Rudduck                      Year 3 & 4

Room 8:               Mrs McKenzie-Hofmann  Year 5 & 6

Room 9:               Mrs Brown                           Year 4 & 5

Room 10:            Whaea May                         Year 5 & 6


This year we welcome Mrs Brown – it is great to have you on board.

Our Board of Trustees ensure that the children have the support in the classrooms and across the school.  Our Support Staff are a great team:

Mrs Hoekstra, Mrs Bowman, Mrs Daniels, Mrs Peck, Mrs Watkins are in the classrooms working alongside the children

Mrs Lawson is in the Library

Mr Whetton ensures that the school always looks sharp

Mrs Emmerson and Mrs Campbell are in the office



Kakahu o Tōtara Puku Kapa Haka

Kōrero mo te Tohu a Kapa Haka

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