2019 Achieve Leaders


2017 Camp

The Year 5 and 6  students are off to Mangetepopo in November.

Year 4 – Camp to be decided

Y4 Literacy Team

Our Y4 Literacy Team had a great evening last night at the annual Quiz night. This is a fun event where the students are put to the test with their knowledge about how to navigate around and use a dictionary. The Rotary North Club work hard to distribute dictionary’s to Y4 students across the Whanganui region which is greatly appreciated. Thankyou Mr Rennie and Whaea May for your hard work to prepare the students.
Well done Bailee, Ruby and Jennifer.


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Senior School Spelling Bee

The Senior school students have been busy learning their spelling words for the Annual Whanganui East School Spelling Bee.  A very close competition.   This year Cora, who is only 5  also took part.




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2016 ACHIEVE Leaders


Bushy Park Clean up

Our Achieve Leaders are visiting Bushy Park 2 times each term to help clean the tracks for the public to enjoy.  We are proud of our students for their hard work.  Mr & Mrs Paul are supporting the students and giving them this exciting opportunity to give back.


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Leadership Day

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2015 Achieve Leaders

Achieve Leaders

Life Education Caravan

What a fabulous week with Harold and Chris joining us.

The students were fully engaged in a range of activities in the Caravan and are able to transfer this knowledge back into their classroom programmes.

To finish off the visit, Harold came to assembly giving out the High Achiever Awards and interacting (although quietly) with the students.

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