Summer/Winter Sports 2020

2020 Summer Sports letter 2020

Winter Sport Notice2020 Winter Sport Notice


Welcome back to 2020, the year has started well and the children have settled very quickly back into school mode.

We welcome all our new Whānau to our Whanganui East School Community.

With renovations well underway the students have adapted well to working out of different learning spaces and are able to watch the progress.  We are anticipating that Rooms 1 and 2 and 4 will be back into their learning spaces towards the end of the term.

It has been great that we are able to offer all our children their stationery at no cost, being part of the School Donations Scheme means that we will not be asking parents for the cost of curriculum-related expenses.

Swimming has started well and this year our focus is on Water Safety skills.  Swimming is part of the Curriculum and all children are expected to swim everyday (except Friday).  Please ensure uniforms and towels are named to avoid confusion.

All children have been given a permission booklet for parents to sign to allow them access onto the Internet.


2020 School Organisation:


Roopu Ruru:

Room 1:        Miss Geard              Year 2 & 3

Room 2:        Miss Attwood          Year 2 & 3


Roopu Tui:

Room 4:        Mrs Ray                     NE – Assistant Principal

Room 5:        Miss Woodhouse    Year 1 & 2

Room 6:        Mrs Keohane           Year 1 & 2


Roopu Kereru:

Room 10:      Whaea May            Y5/6 Deputy Principal

Room 9:        Mrs Brown                Year 4 & 5

Room 8:        Miss McKenzie         Year 5 & 6

Room 7:        Miss Rudduck          Year 3 & 4

Skills training with Central Football

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Totara Puku Kindergarten

We are really lucky to have onsite Totara Puku Kindergarten.  It is exciting that we celebrated with them,  their 1st birthday this year.  The Kindergarten offers 20 free hours for all, have 100% Qualified teachers and cater for infants to 6 year olds.  Their hours are 8am until 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.  If you would like to know more phone 88 55 860 or pop in for a visit.

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2019 T-Ball

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2019 Tackle Rugby

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2019 Rippa

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2019 Literacy Quiz Team


Education Life Caravan – 2020


Visit to meet the Jets 2019


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