Welcome to Term 4

P1060614 P1060615 P1060618 P1060619 P1060620 P1060621 P1060599P1060600P1060601P1060602P1060603P1060604P1060605P1060606P1060607P1060608P1060609P1060622Welcome to term 4

Room 5 started the term with an adventurous camp to Mount Taranaki. We stayed at camp Mangatapopo whilst enjoying exploring the area and learning lots about its history through our old school Principal Mr Paul.

Our wearable arts took a lot of time and energy as we took a lot of time and energy as we engaged in a rather ambitious project- Mask made from recycled paper pulp. This was our inquiry focus in term 3 so it was nice to use some of the knowledge of paper to produce our gigantic masks of Alice in Wonderland.

At the moment we are researching the Whanganui Awa. The students have been writing about it, painting about it and possibly on the weekend… fishing in it.

Here are some files of the student work showing our writing about our trip to the art gallery and our fantastic Battle of the mountains and Mangatapopo adventures.

Thank you

Mrs Brennan

Art gallery and Kowhai Park

Art Gallery.By Rebecca

Art Gallery

CLAY. by Leo

My haert skips a beat by Keyera

Room 5 and 6 camp by Kaytlin

The Battle of the Mountains.By Haka

The Battle of the mountains

The legend of the warrior By Izaeya

The Queen of Hearts by Aquila-Marie

The Worrier Mountain

Tutae poro poro.By Byron

Tutaeporoporo. By Don-Toni

Warrior Mountain By Mady Jackson



Mangatepopo Camp


On Tuesday we were so excited because it was the day that we were going to Mangatepopo School Camp. Our first stop was Raukawa Falls, it was a beautiful place. Our second stop was Ratehi, we had morning tea there. After morning tea and and having a breath of fresh air we headed back into the bus and headed straight to the Camp. When we got to the camp we unpacked the bus. After we unpacked the bus we sorted out where everybody was going to sleep. After that we had lunch and the staff brought out some Chocolate Milk. After we had lunch we went to Te Porere Redoubt. We went for a little walk, after the walk we went back to the bus and had some afternoon tea. Then we went to the Thermal Hot Pools. It was so warm and relaxing that I could just fall asleep. After that we had dinner. My favourite thing was the Hot pools.




On wednesday the pots and pans went off at six thirty in the morning. When the pots and pans reached my cabin I fell out of my bunk. We had to be at the dining room by seven o’clock sharp so that means that we only had half an hour to get ready. After we had breakfast we got ready to go to the Trout Sanctuary. When we got there we had to split up, we had two groups one was going fishing first and the other was going for a tour my favourite thing about the tour was the stripping pen. When we got back from when we started my group could go fishing. Then we went for a two hour walk around Rotopounamu lake we stopped half way around the lake for morning tea then we were back on the track when we got back on the bus and headed for camp. Then when it got dark we went on the glow worm walk unfortunately there were no glow worms. My favourite thing was the Trout Sanctuary.



I woke up and got ready for the big day ahead of us. The first thing we did was hop in the bus and we were on our way to Taranaki Falls. We had to do a lot of walking till we got to the falls, we thought we got to the falls but we still had to walk down one hundred stairs. When we finally got to the falls we had morning tea. When we finished having morning tea we went with Mr Paul behind the falls and the falls were really loud. When we finished at the falls we went back to the bus and had lunch, when we finished lunch we were told to go into the bathroom, so we could put on our warm layers for going in the snow. When we got to the snow we were all so blown away with all the excitement. when I was in the snow I wasn’t watching where I was going and I tripped in a massive hole and when I got up my shoe was still in the snow, when Jessica finally got out my shoe it was full of snow. After we finished playing in the snow we went back on the bus and was heading back to camp. when we got back to camp we had a warm milo because we were all cold. Then we got our togs headed to the Hot Pools, when we finished at the Hot Pools we headed back to camp. My favourite thing was going to the mountain and playing in the snow.  



On Friday we went to the National Army Museum it was awesome. We were took on a tour around the museum my favourite part of the museum was when we could look at all the badges. I liked looking at the badges because they were so shiny.

When we were finished at the army museum we went back on the bus and headed to Wanganui. When we were looking out the window Mr Paul showed us The Big Carrot, The Big Gumboot, The Big Dog and a Huge Airplane. We got back to school at about three thirty and everyone was so happy to see us.

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By Mikayla



Term Two

Room Six have each chosen a published piece of writing to share.  Please click on the   folder to share work we are proud of.

Brendon      Anna       Angus

Ella-jay      Daniel       Corey         Charlie       Brianne

Thomas      Sophie     Shannon     Rihari    Regan    Paerakau    Maia     Levi     Katie     Joseph     Jordan     Jhantelle    Jason     Jarias      Jahnae


PTA News Term 2.

Our new PTA Committee has continued to work tirelessly to ensure we have a steady stream of funds coming into the school to spend on a variety of initiatives. We are at present prioritising the items which we would like to fund raise for and we will notify you when these decisions have been made.


Last Friday night we had a really enjoyable “Royal” Disco. Lots of children and parents entered into the spirit of the night by dressing up and the best dressed prizes were won by Carter Johnston and Jayda Metekingi-Samuel. Great job you two! Thank you to the PTA Committee who made a wonderful job of transforming the Hall into a royal castle!

The Disco raised $180.

Watch out for the next Disco in Week 8. The Theme will be “Winter Wonderland”, so get your thinking caps on.

Don’t forget, if you want to be sure of getting a sausage or a hamburger at the Disco, you need to order on the Friday morning at the latest.

Remember, Discos end at 7pm and parents must come to the Hall to collect their children.


Thank you to all those who supported our latest Garage Sale. We continued to sell items from the “Shop” on the corner of Kepa Street over the week following the Sale and raised a total of $672.

Our next sales will have a completely new range of items. We plan to have a Book and Toy Sale one evening after school so don’t throw out any of those items, put them aside for us.


Pies are always a popular fundraiser and this term we hope they will be a success again, judging by the number of orders coming in.



We have a number of these left for sale. Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are $1 each and the Marvellous Creations eggs are $1:20, so see Tracey or Lynne at the Office for your chocolate fix!!



The PTA hope to hold a Mini-Gala towards the end of the year so be on the look-out for any good ideas that you could share with us closer to the time. We are always keen to get more helpers so check out the Newsletter for PTA Meeting dates.

Wacky Wednesday

The entire school was involved with a Wacky Wednesday fun day that included dressing up, a parade, wacky games and more….

“Gloop” Fun in Room 16 – discovering the properties of “Gloop” as part of our Inquiry into things that “Harden, Ooze and Slime”

The Seniors go to town!

The Senior Syndicate’s Inquiry focus this term has been “Whats in a Name?”. A trip to town started at the Whanganui Museum where Margie Beautrais showed the children a Powerpoint presentation highlighting historic spots around Wanganui and explaining how they were named and why. Then, armed with a quiz booklet, the students went “walkabout” searching for answers. Some did manage to get sidetracked by Tram Number 12 for awhile. Four classes were involved – the photographer was attached to a group but did try to catch up with some other groups as well!

Inter Schools’ Swimming Sports at the Splash Centre


Meet the Board of Trustees

Eleanore Barry

Eleanore Barry

Keith Ramage

Keith Ramage

David Hoekstra

David Hoekstra

Swimming Pool Fun

Hydroslide and Swimming Sports

More Swimming Sports Fun

Inspire Net