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I am super proud of our students who attended the interschool mathex competition last night.  IMG_9183 IMG_9194 IMG_9200 IMG_9206 IMG_9238 IMG_9336 IMG_9342 IMG_9358

Senior Camp: November 2015

Eight months of careful planning by students, parents and teachers had come down to this, three days in November at YMCA Camp Raukawa.


On the day of camp children began arriving at school from 8.00am, the weather wasn’t flash but the kids weren’t fazed. They’d checked off their camp gear list and just like Santa they’d made sure they’d checked it twice, you don’t want to reuse socks when you’re bunking with 46 other kids that’s for sure!


While the Dad’s packed the bus, the kids made sure Mrs Brennan had their medication and that Tracy and Lichelle had Mum’s home baking to use for morning tea and with milo at nights.


Then it was time to go, final goodbyes to Mum, maybe a cuddle if no one was looking and then finding the best seat on the bus.


A short one hour later we were there. Toni and her team from the YMCA, introduced themselves, then lunch, unpacking and our first activities. As the rain had not eased, you counted yourself lucky if you missed out on High Ropes or Flying Kiwi on the first day. There was stiff competition on the Archery range as Keane and Jhantelle competed to hit the bullseye.


Dinner that night was sausages and mash followed by chocolate mousse that was far too good to be called camp food, then board games and bed, but not sleep, well not until an adult or teacher threatens to make you sleep outside anyway.


Thursday went by like a blur with hardly a moment to slow down. The weather improved, the food only got better and confidence levels continued to grow on some of the more challenging activities.


Friday, the final day of camp. A nice late call for breakfast as the previous two days of activities and lack of sleep started to catch up on everybody. Then a walk to the falls where everyone was surprised by how much fun you can have throwing rocks into the water. Finally, the goodbyes and clean up with surprisingly little lost property.


The bus ride home was predictably quiet with a large welcoming committee waiting at the school gates, and that was it, camp was done for another year.


So where are we going next year?


Whanganui East School would like to thank all those who made this unforgettable experience possible.



Fun in the playground on the 2nd day of Spring

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