Senior Students

Some students from room 16 had the opportunity today to see how a commercial is made.  They helped with sound, lighting, holding the cue cards and the best part was the smoke machine

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Family Picnic 2015: A great night for a picnic, games and meet the teacher

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Parent Hui

Informal Parent Hui Tuesday 24th February  5.30pm

Kia ora and Welcome

Tomorrow night  there will be an informal get together of parents and children attending Wanganui East to meet up with teachers, P.T.A,  the Board of Trustees,   to visit classrooms  and enjoy a FREE sausage sizzle.


5.30pm:            Picnic Tea on the field, the P.T.A. will run a free sausage sizzle for families of Wanganui East School


6pm                 Games


6.30pm            Classrooms open for parents to visit




2019 Staff

Mrs Barry – Principal                      Ms Keyes – Deputy Principal                 Whaea May – Assistant Principal             Mrs Ray – Team Leader

DSC08475             IMG_1742                    IMG_1781 - Copy                           IMG_1786

Miss McKenzie – Room 8


Mrs Ramage – Room 3


Mrs Brown – Room 9


Mrs Rudduck – Room 7

Mrs Keohane – Room 3

Miss Attwood – Room 2

Mrs Daniels – Learning Support


Mrs Bowman – Learning Support



Mrs Geard – Room 5                       Mrs Watkin – Learning Support            Mrs Ditchfild – Learning Support

IMG_1739             kelly                           IMG_1733


Mrs Hoekstra – learning Support      Mrs Lawson – Duffy Co-ordinator    Mrs Campbell – Office Admin            Mrs Emerson – Office Admin

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Mr Whetton – Property                   Mrs Cole – Room 2                                  Mrs Dunford – Classroom Teacher

IMG_1757              IMG_1744                   IMG_1730


Beach Trip

Whole School Beach Trip – Castlecliff Beach Reserve

To support our school wide inquiry this term around water safety and in conjunction with Sea Week the whole school will be going on a trip to Castlecliff Beach Reserve, Duncan Pavilion, on Tuesday 3rd of March 2015.

We are lucky enough to have the Department of Conservation, Whanganui Regional Museum, Sarjeant Gallery and the Castlecliff Coastcare on board.

The children will rotate around 7 educational games and activities followed by a beach clean up.

Please ensure you child is at school by 8:55,  as we will be leaving by bus at 9:10am.

To ensure your child enjoys their experience please ensure they have a healthy packed lunch (Morning to be included in their lunchbox) and a  large bottle of water.  Children will need to wear covered in footwear and their school sweatshirt in case the weather changes.

In order for this trip to be successful we require parent support to accompany us on this excursion.  If you are able to support your child’s class for the day please fill in the required area on the below consent form.


Eleanore Barry

2015 Achieve Leaders

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