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ANZAC Commemoration

On Thursday 23rd April the school came together to acknowledge and remember those who served and died in World War 1.

We created a Field of Remembrance to remember and acknowledge their service and sacrifice.

The white crosses are personalised to those who died from our local community.  The field of remembrance will be uplifted on the 4th May.

Anzac Commemoration

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2020 Staff

Mrs Barry – Principal                      Mrs Bennett – Deputy Principal   -Room 10              Mrs Ray – Assistant Principal   – Room 4

DSC08475               IMG_1781 - Copy                                         IMG_1786

Miss McKenzie – Room 8


Mrs Ramage – Room 3


Mrs Brown – Room 9


Mrs Rudduck – Room 7

Mrs Keohane – Room 6

Miss Attwood – Room 2

Miss Woodhouse – Room 5

Mrs Daniels – Learning Support


Mrs Bowman – Learning Support



Mrs Geard – Room 5                       Mrs Watkin – Learning Support            Mrs Ditchfild – Learning Support

IMG_1739             kelly                           IMG_1733


Mrs Hoekstra – learning Support      Mrs Lawson – Duffy Co-ordinator    Mrs Emmerson – Office Admin

IMG_1782 - Copy                 IMG_1726                   IMG_0065


Mr Whetton – Property                   Mrs Cole – Room 2                                  Mrs Dunford – Classroom Teacher

IMG_1757              IMG_1744                   IMG_1730


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