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ACHIEVE is our school wide Positive Behaviour for Learning philosophy and kaupapa (tikanga). It is who we are as a school and underpins our school curriculum. As staff, it is essential we understand and embrace these core values in order to effectively support the mission of Whanganui East School.

“To create a positive learning environment that supports every child’s     achievement and wellbeing”

We know that by establishing and maintaining a safe and effective environment that places positive relationships at the centre, the academic and behavioural competence of all learners will be maximised.

Major Components


  • Sustainable school-wide action plan designed by staff, students and community to meet the needs of the school.
  • Consistent approach to discipline based on established respectful relationships through collaborative consultation with the whole school community.
  • A programme designed to improve the learning environment by teaching critical skills that help students become competent, responsible and caring.
  • Positively stated expectations for all students and staff.       (Clear definitions that all staff, students and parents’ can understand and remember)
  • Procedures for teaching these expectations.
  • A continuum of procedures for encouraging demonstration and maintenance of these expectations.
  • A continuum of procedures for discouraging problem behaviour.
  • Procedures for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the system on a regular and frequent basis.


These are our core values that underpin everything we do at    Whanganui East School:


Attitude—Be Positive

Co-operation—Work Together

Hauora—Be Healthy

Integrity—Be Honest

Effort—Strive for your Best

Values—Be Caring

Enjoyment—Have Fun




Junior Team Term One Newsletter PDF

Junior Team Term One Newsletter PDF

P.T.A. News. 2014

Annual General Meeting.

We had the Annual General Meeting in Week 6.

Nikki Smith resigned as Chairperson, but she continues to be a Committee member. Mrs. Barry thanked her for her hard work and commitment over her time as Chair.

Tracy                                     has been elected to the role and we are grateful that she is keen to lead us.

Jacki Dempsey will continue as Secretary and Treena Kenny as Treasurer. We thank them both for their ongoing support.

We also have new Committee members and people who have “put their hand up” to be on the Helpers List.

We always welcome new parents to join our group. We usually have about two meetings a term on a Thursday afternoon at 3:15pm. If you are interested see the Office for the next meeting date.

Mufti Day.

Mufti Day will be on Friday April 4th. If children wear mufti, they are expected to bring baking for the …

Garage Sale

… to be held on Saturday April 5th. We need everyone to look out suitable things for Sale. Every little bit helps.


The first Disco for the year is on Friday March 28th. Please come along and support. The children always have a good time and the money raised is essential for the school.

Easter Eggs.

A lot of people have worked very hard to sell the creme eggs. Thank you very much for your efforts. We still have more to sell, so if you can help please call in at the Office and they will sort it out.


A photographer will be at school on Sunday April 6th to take family portraits. Your child will bring some information about this home closer to the time.


The focus for our fundraising in Term 2 will be on selling pies, so watch out for this opportunity.

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