Reading Together

Wanganui East School is now offering the Reading Together w/shop programme to our families in Room 2.

This programme has been operating since the 1980’s and now the Ministry of Education is promoting and funding them because they have been very successful in promoting home support and improving children’s reading and confidence.

The Programme consists of four 1 and a half hour workshops, run by Mrs Clow and shows parents simple, practical tips they can use at home to support their children with reading.

Parents are invited to attend in groups of up to 15.

We provide the children with dinner and parents a light supper and Mrs Barry takes the children away to play games etc so parents do not have to worry about child care on the evening.

If you feel you would be interested in being part of the programme in Term 3, please let Mrs Clow in Room 2 know and we will book you in.

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